What every printmaker needs...

A canoe of course! Just the thing for moving a one ton press down raging rivers...Yes there might be a conflict of interests here, but in fact both the press and the canoe are superb examples of form following function, just different forms and different functions. I am in the process of refurbishing the canoe, which clues would suggest is a pre-1921 Chestnut (in 1921 the Chestnut factory in New Brunswick burned down, and post-1921 canoes are slightly different, so I'm told). The press is a 19th Century Ledeuil a Paris, a beauty to print with. Needless to say, the studio needs some reorganizing, but the press sure ain't going anywhere!

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jeff said...

Hi Gordon,
Likely you don't remember me; my name is Jeff Rode and you taught me to make prints about 10-12 years ago. Just wanted to say thanks for doing that, yours was by far the best course in the curriculum.

I don't make a lot of prints these days, but if you'd like to see what one of your students has been doing, I'm at www.monkeybrushstudio.wordpress.com. Cheers and thanks for all the ink.
Jeff Rode.